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Crime Prevention

One of the first defences against crime is to take seriously your responsiblity to secure your home, vehicle, business and take personal precautions, to ensure your are reducing the chances of YOU or YOUR FAMILY being a victim of crime.

In this section we look at many common sense ways that you can put together your own personal action plan to leave yourself less susceptible to crime in whatever you do.


Common sense advice on personal safety while out and about, especially at night. Whether you are with a group of friends (and need to look after them), or have to get home after dark, read some of our tips to help take control and ensure you are not a target for criminals. More info.


Sadly, the days of us leaving our doors unlocked and windows open whether we are in or out, are long gone. As our population grows, and we don't all know our neighbours, it's important to take sensible precautions in and around our homes to reduce the chance of break-ins and robberies, or attacks in our homes. More info.


As a business owner you have a duty to keep the workplace as safe as possible. You also need to know that your staff and customers are honest and safe. That means putting into place some essential security and measures. More info.





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