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The wonderful thing about Crime Stoppers is that WE as a community work together to provide information to the police, to help improve the quality of OUR lives, and reduce crimes in OUR communities.

The most important thing is that we communicate the Crime Stoppers Telephone number 800-TIPS (8477) and that ALL of our community from our children to our grand parents remember the number. That way when they witness a crime, they can immediately call Crime Stoppers, most importantly ANONYMOUSLY, and help to eradicate crime from thier neighbourhood.

In order for Crime Stoppers to communicate this message throughout all communities and people in Antigua we need your help.


From fundraising, to volunteering, to gifts in kind and donations - all help is much need. Find our how you can support us. More info.


We have a number of programmes that could work for your business. Find out how we can work together. More info.


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